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12 December
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I'm Jude. I lived in Georgia all my life until I moved to Indiana in May of 2009. I'm a non-op transman. I'm gay, and autosexual. I love myself. I love life. I love living beings. I am vegan. I eat plants. I love food and I'm passionate about cooking. I love feeding people. I love the Earth. I want a garden. I think recycling is groovy. I am content to be called a hippie. Love, compassion, beauty, art, and truth are very important to me. I'm an atheist. I love logic and reason and rationality. I'm anti-theistic in the sense that I think dogma and irrationality are extremely harmful. I am passionate about freedom and free speech. I hate censorship. I am passionate about freedom and protection for non-human animals and children and minorities. We're all equal and we're all beautiful. I want to be part of creating a world where no one, human or non-human, is considered the property of anybody else and no one is used by anyone else. I want as much happiness as possible for as many people as possible. I want all LGBTQ people to be free to be who they are without threats and oppression and discrimination and violence. I want children to have their rights to privacy and physical safety protected. The world needs to learn that hurting and threatening children for any reason is as unacceptable as it would be if they were adults. The most vulnerable need more protection, not less. I want to teach the world that veganism is easy, compassionate, Earth-friendly and rewarding. I love everyone. There are ideas that I despise, but I don't hate anybody for holding them. I don't hate carnists or religious people or anyone else. I love the Universe and I love knowledge. I'm fascinated. I'm expanding. I'm scarred. I have PTSD. I regret nothing. My experiences are always teaching me to better know the world, and there's no sense in worrying about what was. I am in Now, with a hopeful eye to the future and lessons from the past. I love reading and writing and making things. I love learning; I'm always learning. The world is beautiful. I love you all.


If you have questions about anything in my bio, PLEASE ask! I love answering questions because that means spreading knowledge, and knowledge is power. Don't worry about being offensive or looking silly. All honest desire for knowledge is welcome ♥
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